THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.     The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Nearly two years ago, I bought my first home: a first-floor, six-year old flat in the centre of a busy market town in the South of England.

Since then, I have been working to make my house a home and, more than that, to make it my home: a place which reflects my character.

My flat is furnished with beautiful vintage finds, hand-me-downs from family members and hand-made crafts. I believe in reusing things whenever possible and would rather buy something second-hand, which has a bit of history, than something brand new and generic.

I love vintage designs and patterns, whether on cushions, tablecloths or blankets, and I have a keen eye when it comes to collecting beautiful glassware and crockery at vintage fairs and in second-hand shops.  I also love anything arty or crafty and really enjoy making different things.  I am also growing in confidence with my new sewing machine and, as such, my flat is decorated with hand-made bunting (lots of it!), cushion covers and lots of my own paintings which I love because they are are unique – each one has a story to tell.

Transforming my house into a home is an ongoing project and I don’t see it as a project which will ever end: a home should be a place which is contsantly evolving – a place filled with life, not a static, sterile house where nothing ever seems to change.

Have a look around and join me as I continue to make my house a home.



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